The Town of Pictou is starting to test water quality within the harbour. Public Health recommends that enterococcus bacteria are monitored. Passing results are those with counts under 70/100ml. The Town will be collecting weekly tests to confirm limits, a summary of results will be listed below with pass/fail indicated. 


Town of Pictou - Market Wharf Beach Water Testing
Enterococcus surface water testing - 2023
Sample Taken Units Result  
June 26, 2023 enterococcus / 100 ml 2 PASS 
July 4, 2023 enterococcus / 100 ml 10  PASS
  enterococcus / 100 ml    
  enterococcus / 100 ml    
Max day Average enterococcus / 100 ml N/A  
* Max daily limit 70 enterococcus/100 ml, max 5 day average 35 enterococcus / 100 ml
Limits from Health Canada Guidelines for Canadian Recreational Water Quality 3rd Edition 
* Testing performed by AGAT Laboratories