Water Street Studio - Sandy Smith
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Photo credit: Sandy Smith

The Town of Pictou in 2019 formed the Heritage Advisory Committee. The Committee is governed by the provisions in the Heritage Property Act, Town policy and the Municipal Government Act, S.N.S. 1998 c. 18 [MGA].

Role of the Committee

The Committee may advise and make recommendations to the Town respecting:

  • the inclusion of buildings, public-building interiors, streetscapes, cultural landscapes and areas in the Town Registry of Heritage Property;
  • an application for permission to substantially alter or demolish a Town Heritage Property;
  • the preparation, amendment, revision or repeal of a conservation plan and conservation by-law;
  • the administration of heritage conservation districts pursuant to the provisions of the Heritage Property Act;
  • an application for a certificate that is required by the Heritage Property Actor a conservation plan and conservation by-law to go to a public hearing;
  • building or other regulations that affect the attainment of the intent and purpose of this By-Law and the Heritage Property Act; and
  • any other matters conducive to the effective carrying out of the intent and purpose of the Heritage Property Act.

Committee Projects to Date

  • Working on the designation of Front Street as a Heritage Conservation District
  • Design and installation of new street banners on Front Street
  • Development of new heritage property signage
  • Collection of historical information on properties 

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