Q: When will my street be plowed or when will the sidewalks be plowed?
A:  Town’s Snow and Ice Removal Policy

Q: Where can I walk in the winter if sidewalks are still snow-covered?
A:Hector Arena Monday-Friday 8:30-11:30 am and 1:00-4:00 pm. Donations accepted
Also, there is a Walk and Roll Program for people who use mobility devices at the Pictou Legion on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm - FREE

Q: What do I do if my basement fills with water?
A: First you must determine if this is a result of a water break, sewer backup or water entering through a basement wall.

Typically, if you cannot hear water running, it means that the sewer lateral is backing up. The first thing you should do is call a plumber to determine the cause of the blockage. The most common problem is the lateral has an obstruction that can be removed by the plumber snaking the line through the clean out. If your plumber determines that your lateral is clear, have them call the Town Engineer. For all insurance claims, have your insurance company contact the Town’s.

If your waterline is broken, a shutoff is located by your water meter. This will stop water after your water meter. If the break is before your shutoff, you will have to call the Town Engineer. If the break is between your curb shutoff and your meter, you will be charged $50 during operating hours (Monday to Thursday: 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM or Friday: 6:00 AM – 2:00 PM) or $200 after hours.

If the water is coming through your wall, you may have a crack in your foundation, or your weeping tile may be plugged. You should contact a local contractor. 

Q: What do I do if my ditch is filled with water/ice?
A: Homeowners are responsible for their own ditch and culvert. This means, homeowners will be required to unclog their own culverts and keep their ditch free of any obstruction. This includes snow in the winter, leaves in the fall or other garbage throughout the year. 

Q: What do I do if I have discoloured water or low pressure?
A: Contact the Town Office at 902-485-4372 to notify us as soon as possible. This could be a result of a water break in your area.

Q: How do I get my water turned off?
A: Contact the Town Office and schedule a shutoff at 902-485-4372. Please note, there is a fee associated with turning your water off and on. Also, you should make sure you do not bury your curb stop as the Town will need to access it. If you do bury it, the Town will be required to dig up whatever is covering it (flower bed, asphalt, etc) and will not reinstate it.

Q: How do I report a pothole or washout?
A: Contact the Town Office at 902-485-4372 to report a pothole or washout. Please be advised that asphalt plants shut down for the winter months and gravel may be used as a temporary solution.

The Town is not responsible for driveway washout or ruts as a result of the drainage on individuals' property.

Q: Can I get gravel, salt or sand from Public Works?
A: No, this is for Town use only. Several local suppliers are in the Pictou County area provide this service. Please contact one of them for your material needs.

Q: I have low water pressure, what do I do?
A: Low water could be a result of several factors. First, you want to make sure you do not have a leak in your house that is using all your water. If there are no leaks, it is a good idea to test multiple taps to see if the low pressure is isolated to one faucet. If it is one faucet causing the issue, you can remove the nozzle (unscrew – it may require tools if it has not been removed in a while) of the tap and clean out the filter. This is the most common cause of low pressure. If you need assistance, the Town can help for a fee of $50 during normal working hours.

If this is not the issue, please contact the Town Office at 902-485-4372. Some other more serious causes of low water pressure are water breaks in your area, water break on your lateral or partial blockage in your water meter.

Q. Where do I pay my water bill and taxes?
A: In the Town Administration office, 40 Water Street, Pictou. Bill payment options include cash, cheque, online and telephone banking. Tax billing is twice a year (tax year is April 1-March 31) and water billing is four times a year (subject to change).

How to Set Up Online Banking to Pay Taxes And Water Bills

To begin you must have a separate payee for each; taxes and water.

For Taxes

  1. Search Pictou
  2. Select “Pictou (Town of) Taxes
  3. Enter account number - must be 8 digits; if not add 00s in front of the account number.
    For example Account Number: 102436; enter as 00102436

For Water

  1. Search Pictou
  2. Select “Pictou (Town of) Water
  3. Enter account number - must be 6 digits; do not include the .00 in the account number. If you need more digits add 00s in front of your account number
    For example Account Number: 17042.00; enter as 017042

For more information go to Paying Your Bills.

Q. How do I issue a complaint?
A. Fill out pdf this form (80 KB)  and email it to info@townofpictou.ca

Q. If there is a street light outage who do I call?
A. Contact the Town Administration Office at 902-485-4372.

Q. I found a stray dog in Town, who should I call for help?
A. Contact the Town of Pictou at 902-485-4372. To report animal abuse, contact the SPCA at 902-396-3595.

Q. When is garbage/recycling pick-up in the Town of Pictou?
A. Every second Wednesday morning. Visit Pictou County Solid Waste for schedule

Q. What can I recycle/compost in the Town of Pictou?
A. Stop by the Town office for a recycling guide, or check Pictou County Solid Waste

Q. Where do I go to check land and deed information in the area?

A. Access Nova Scotia Office: Antigonish Mall Annex, Suite 3, 149 Church Street, Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Q. What is the skating schedule?

A. Call the Hector Arena at 902-485-5122 or check the Arena page

Q. What is the pool schedule?
A. Call the Fisheries Training Pool 902-485-5301 or check the pool page

Q. I live in the Town of Pictou, who is my MLA?
A. Karla MacFarlane, M.L.A. (PC) Her office is located on Front Street, in Pictou. Ph: 902-485-8958, email: pictouwestmla@bellaliant.com

Q. I live in the Town of Pictou, who is my MP?
A. The Honourable Sean Fraser, M.P. His office is located on 2A 115 MacLean Street, New Glasgow. Ph: 902-752-0226.

Q. What is the ferry schedule to/from PEI?
A. The Caribou ferry is only a 10-minute drive from the Town of Pictou. For ferry schedules pick up a brochure at any Visitor Information Centre in the area, or check the Northumberland Ferries Ltd. website www.nfl-bay.com

Q. How do I make a donation to the Ship Hector?
A. The Hector Quay Society helps to raise funds for construction and maintenance of the ship for further info email hectorquaysociety@gmail.com

Q. Who do I contact to get a Building Permit/Land Development for the Town of Pictou?
A. You may contact Roland Burek at 902-752-4476.

Q. When is the Pictou Lobster Carnival?
A. The Pictou Lobster Carnival is normally held each year on the first full weekend in July after Canada Day. Contact 902-485-5150 (June-July) or email: info@pictoulobstercarnival.ca for information.

Q. Where can I buy fresh lobster?
A. The Pictou Sobeys store and North Nova Seafood carry lobster year-round. Local in-season (May-June) at the Lobster Pot in Lyons Brook.