Spring Cleanup Bulky Items

Important details and dates to residential homeowners and occupants for curbside collection of bulky spring cleanup items and yard waste.

Spring Cleanup of heavier and larger household items
Starting May 23

Until then, keep junk in the barn, basement or backyard. 
This helps to reduce litter and keeps our streets looking aesthetic.


- Each street will only be collected once – if you miss the pickup, please remove the items from the curb
- These items can be delivered year round to the Pictou County Solid Waste site, 220 Landfill Road, Mount William
- Place items out no more than 48 hours prior to May 23 at 7 am
- Pickup will start in the west and work its way east
- No cardboard – it is banned from the landfill and falls apart if it gets wet

Please place in 3 distinct piles based on bullets below
Items that will be collected (please place in 3 distinct piles based on bullets):  

- Fridges, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, water coolers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, florescent bulbs, empty propane and oxygen tanks
- Large furniture, carpet, bicycles and strollers
- Scrap metal, automotive parts

Items that will not be collected:
- Leaves, brush and yard waste – place at curbside for Pictou County Solid Waste May 31 collection.
- Asphalt shingles, construction and demolition materials – must be taken to Pictou County Solid Waste site, 220 Landfill Road, Mount William
- Batteries and electronics (TVs, computers, microwaves, monitors, printers, audio and video playback, recording systems, telephones) – must be taken to John’s Bottle & Recycling Depot, 3297
  Hwy 376 or other ACES drop off location
- Small batteries – Drop off at the Pictou Town Office or other municipal offices
- Recyclable items and regular garbage items
- Tires – must be returned to place of purchase for disposal
- Oil – must be taken to a service station

www.townofpictou.ca        (902)485-4372
These programs are for residential properties only