Notice of Town of Pictou

Regular Council Meeting

CN Station – Council Chambers

Monday, May 16, 2022


The public can access the meeting via the Town of Pictou Facebook Page beginning at 6:30 pm or attend in person.



1.    Private Session – Contract, Property and Personnel Matters (6:00pm)

2.    Public Session – Call to Order (6:30pm)

3.    Land Acknowledgement

4.    Changes/Approval of Agenda

5.     Proclamations & Acknowledgements

       a.  VON Week

       b.   Access Awareness Week

6.    Approval of Minutes

      a.  Regular Council – April 19, 2022

      b.  Committee of Council – May 2, 2022

7.    Recommendations

       a.       Approval – 2023 Town Operating Budget

       b.      Purchase of Certain Land Located at 123 Water Street

       c.       Provincial Capital Assistance Program (PCAP) – Denoon Street

8.    Discussion

       a.  Summer Meeting Schedule

9.    Reports

       a.       Municipal Corporation Reports:

                  i.   Pictou County Shared Services Authority

                  ii.   Pictou County Wellness Centre

                  iii.   Riverview Home

10.   Public Comments/ Questions

11.   Adjournment


Kyle Slaunwhite

Chief Administrative Officer